We supply the engineers with the tools required to plan and design the LAN/WAN installation at the locations you need.

We can use your site survey template or we can design one to meet the specific requirements of your project. An accurate, clear and concise survey document is critical to a successful site survey. We present our site survey deliverable and work with you until you have all your questions answered and have all the information you need.

We are certified and have extensive experience working in industrial and construction environments. We have completed LAN/WAN Surveys in a variety of locations including office buildings, commercial locations and very large oil refineries.

Echo LAN/WAN Survey Service Includes:

  • A walk through the site to be surveyed
  • A detailed audit of each network closets at the location. The MDF and all the IDFs at the site are visited.
  • A detailed document with pictures outlining all the information you need to complete the installation.

The documentation we provide as the deliverable from our survey will include:

  • Information gathered for network design specifications
  • Wiring closet and equipment cabinet reviews and audit (detail rack space utilization report is provided)
  • AC power and UPS systems requirements verified
  • Appropriate cable measurements, including any cable run obstructions are noted

  • Detailed drawings and floor maps outlining the MDF and all IDFs are provided
  • Notation of main address, phone number
  • Notation of LAN/WAN Equipment model type, serial number
  • Tasks required for installation/maintenance readiness are defined
  • Written report presented to you