Echo is committed to excellence in every phase of our fire and security system installations and support. We install high quality systems and are available to respond quickly to perform required repairs and maintenance.

Our team of technicians completes various courses and technical training programs to enable them to install our complex and high-tech solutions.

Security Alarm Installation and Support

We perform commercial Security Alarm System Installation, Inspection, Maintenance & Repair Services.

An alarm system provides you and your business with a true sense of security.  This security system will allow only authorized access into a secured area. Access can be granted by card, biometrics, or entering a code on a keypad.

Echo can install and service security systems that include:

  • Central control unit with a Touchpad keypad to monitor the entire premises
  • Door and Window contacts for the entire premise
  • Glass break detectors and Window Security Film
  • Installation of motion detectors
  • Remote management via applications
  • Strategic placement of hidden or wireless panic buttons

Fire Alarm Installation and Support

Our trained experts install and calibrate the fire monitoring systems at commercial and industrial locations.

We perform Fire Alarm System Installation, Inspection, Maintenance & Repair Services.

We ensure that every component of the fire alarm system has been activated, investigated and tested to ensure proper operation and annunciation at the fire alarm panel. We perform fire alarm panel replacements, installations, wiring upgrades and system verifications.